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There are two roads to take when preparing to leap into the world of investments. The first is typically a mash-up of personal research followed by the hopeful banking on a financial advisor to guide your money toward the right investment products. This often-traveled path is one that we firmly feel should be overgrown instead, as most financial advisors are selling you investment products for the sake of a commission and counting on a considerable return to keep you happy. This isn’t the way things should be and these so-called financial “advisors” are often doing anything but offering fair advice.

At Financial Fiduciaries LLC of WI, nothing could be further from the above example. That’s because a fiduciary is a wealth management expert who is held to legal and moral standards when it comes to lending a hand to those who’ve trusted them. As Thomas Batterman will tell you, there is no shortage of avenues for potential investors to take when they come to a reputable office like Financial Fiduciaries LLC inWI. Those who seek the guidance of an investment expert — who isn’t beholden to profits earned off of specific products they’re slinging — are taking smart steps toward a more comfortable future. With a fiduciary, every investment move we make is done with your full knowledge and taken with the care and consideration we’d handle our own finances with. This work is done in exchange for a monthly professional fee that is, in part, based off a sliding scale that reflects your own investment successes with us.

Did you know that the Employee Benefit Research Institute recently found that the average American between the ages of 45 and 49 had about $72,000 put away for retirement? Here’s another question: How do you know if that’s enough to last you through those golden years? If you’re just starting to look into investing as a way to secure income for the future, leave a legacy for the family, manage your company’s finances or hit a specific financial goal, we’re glad that you’re here. That’s because we’ll be offering all sorts of insider tips for those seeking the advice from a trusted fiduciary like Thomas Batterman. Driven by the mantra of “Smart Financial Decisions,” Financial Fiduciaries LLC, WI can give you the inside track on everything from estate planning and life insurance issues to tackling mortgage debt and offering online access to your assets. This company has been around since 2010, but is helmed by financial experts who have decades of combined experience. With these resources on your side, how could you possibly search out another source of trusted information?