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Here’s How Tom Batterman’s Guidance On Bonds Can Help Clients Earn A Larger Profit

Financial Fiduciaries LLC WIThe basic concept of a bond has been around for thousands of years and the need for corporations or governments to borrow money to grow isn’t likely to go away any time soon. In today’s economic environment, this means that those who hold these bonds or are considering this route should be paying attention at all times. Bonds, in contrast to stocks and their associated payouts on profit, means that the debt covered by a loan will be repaid over time with interest to the lender. That interest rate is often locked in and repayments are made on a fixed schedule. If you’re in the position to get involved in bonds, then Tom Batterman has timely some advice for you. Mr. Batterman, a financial expert whose work as a legally-obligated fiduciary, has seen first-hand what happens when you actively track investments made for clients.


An insurance company that’s a client of Thomas Batterman of Financial Fiduciaries LLC WI had a $20,000 bond that was coming due. The issuer of the bond came along and offered an exchange in common stock that was worth $30,000. Mr. Batterman, who saw this exchange as a “good deal” said proactive efforts and simply paying attention to the investments that clients currently have is way of making profitable deals. “These things come along and they need to be evaluated. You can’t have your head in the sand on opportunities that are ripe,” Tom Batterman said. Conversely, brokers who sold the bond might not be paying attention or offers on the bond that need to be evaluated may be similarly ignored. According to the experts at Financial Fiduciaries LLC WI, the value of long-term bonds is at a high point today. As such, Thomas Batterman of Financial Fiduciaries LLC in WI says that now may be the time to start looking at the possibility of selling off long-term bonds “to capture high value.”


How do you know that Tom Batterman and Financial Fiduciaries LLC are the entities to trust with your specific fiscal objectives? As a fee-only investment advisory firm, you’ll never pay a commission to them on financial products they recommend to you. Further, fiduciaries are able to compile investment options that aren’t restricted by the portfolio of their employer’s financial products that are sold to investors. Since a fiduciary must act in their client’s best interest – as if client money were their own – you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands. Combine this with ongoing assistance and advice on your investments and it’s clear that retaining a fiduciary to help you accomplish personal financial goals simply make sense.

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